Pelletterie Fiorentine
   di Raggioli e Cellini
   50122 FLORENCE
   Via S.EGIDIO, 31/r
   Ph./Fax +39 055 24.53.35

"PELLETTERIE FIORENTINE" was founded in 1952, and began its activity in downtown Florence. During the early years of the 20th century a number of individual artisans had begun to fashion leather into refined containers and developed what has come to be known as "cuoietto fiorentino".
These artisans came together to form our company, which went on to become a leader in this specialty field. Later Moranda Raggioli took over the company and contributed to our success with her experience of more than 30 years in the field of leather, and then passed the management to her son Francesco Cellini, who interprets classics and new styles with youthful creativity.
This rich background of experience has led us to develop unique techniques and styling for the leather objects we produce. Over the years, our pocket cigar cases have become our hallmark.
In September 1999 we were proud to display our products at special exhibit in Providence, Rhode Island.
We hope you will enjoy visiting our site and that you'll find the just the object you want.

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