Pelletterie Fiorentine
   di Raggioli e Cellini
   50122 FLORENCE
   Via S.EGIDIO, 31/r
   Ph./Fax +39 055 24.53.35

Our line of production represents the best quality that profound knowledge and experience can produce.
The catalogue includes: desk sets, cigar cases, note books and address books, jewelry cases, photograph frames and albums, candy dishes, smoking accessories, playing card cases, and many other types of gifts, including special orders to your specifications.
Our best-known specialty is "cuoietto fiorentino". Here the basic structure of the objects is created with heavy leather, which is then finished with a layer of fine calf skin.
The "vitello" line is based on a wooden structure, finished with calf skin which is then dyed and polished by hand. The "pelle" line is also based on a wooden structure, finished with fine leather which is then colored by hand using special waxes and finished with gold embossing. Finally, the "cuoio mosso" line represents a real innovation: the leather normally used for shoe soles is transformed into a delightful objects.
We select only the best quality undyed calf skins for transformation. They are subsequently hand dyed, burnished using special heated irons, and then highly polished.
As with all quality hand made items, each piece has an individual character which can capture your fantasies and express your desires.
Our company also produces and distributes the Cellini Firenze line.

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